Professional services performed by experienced enthusiasts


with a large sales force covering the total geography of Lebanon, our sales team conducts sales/advisory calls and captures the orders/needs of our customers


with our cash van operations, we have the capability to cover a large number of small sized customers and invoice/deliver them the goods instantaneously (as opposed to large orders being delivered in 24/48 hours)


our telesales team is capable to receive and process orders over the phone and ensure urgent deliveries if/when needed


Our multi-format delivery vehicles (Trucks, Vans, minivan and motorcycle) allow us to reach efficiently all types of customers / geographies and ensure on –time delivery under most conditions


with our advanced ERP system (based on Microsoft Dynamics (GP)), we are able to provide real-time data to our suppliers keeping them informed of all facets of their business’ at all times

<b>Category management:</b>
Category management:

With research based in-depth knowledge we are able to provide category advice to our customers improving their in-store shelf layout for better business performance

<b>E sales:</b>
E sales:

Through our web ordering system, our customers have the means to place orders directly on our website for next day delivery

<b>Scientific Support:</b>
Scientific Support:

Our Scientific Support team (composed of graduate pharmacists) conduct regular visits to our customers in order to explain and/or provide in-depth scientific information regarding our products


State-of-the art warehousing facilities and Management Systems (certified by the Ministry Of Public Health), to ensure temperature controlled storage conditions, inventory control (FIFO/FEFO), batch code based traceability etc…

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